Melody Claire Hall Voice Scholarship

One of the earliest dreams of Artistic Director Janey Hall when creating SoCo Women’s Chorus was to give back in some way to aspiring singers.

In 2016, a generous initial donation was made by Dr. Susan Dubois, which helped to make that dream a reality.  Susan insisted the scholarship be named in memory of Janey’s daughter, Melody Claire Hall, who was killed in a car accident in 1996 at the age of 16.  In 2017, the first scholarship was awarded to Jeannie Miller, a freshman voice major from Texas Christian University.  Our second recipient was Texas Tech freshman music education major, Mikaela Pace.  In 2019, our third recipient was Tessa Newman, a freshman voice major from the University of North Texas.

Melody Claire Hall (1980-1996)

Applications for our fourth annual voice scholarship will be sent out in fall of 2019, with the selection made by spring 2020.  The winner of our scholarships have traditionally sung during our Spring Concert, the first weekend of May.  We look forward to making that announcement when the time comes!

For more information on the Melody Claire Hall Voice Scholarship, please write to:

Melody Claire Hall Voice Scholarship Recipients

2017 ~ Jeannie Miller, Texas Christian University

2018 ~ Mikaela Pace, Texas Tech

2019 ~ Tessa Newman, University of North Texas