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It is difficult for me to wrap my brain around the fact that SoCo Women’s Chorus is about to enter her FIFTH SEASON!  It seems like only yesterday Karen James and I were meeting at The Woodland Restaurant ~ which is no more, by the way! ~ to discuss my ideas for this chorus!!  Our collective enthusiasm drove us……we met with others who’d done this, we made and posted flyers in coffee shops and anywhere else they’d let us, Craig & his list became our friend, I sang on the street corners, for Pete’s sake ~ just to get the word out!  

I would do it again in a heartbeat!

And so, as we enter this 5th season, a lot of water has passed under our musical bridge, singers and board members have come and gone, we’ve grown and we’ve shrunk, we’ve had great ideas and learned terrific lessons from the bad ones, we’ve had growth spurts and times of stagnation.  It’s been a wild ride!!!

The bottom line has always been consistent to me,  however:  SoCo Women’s Chorus has always been where music takes our hearts!  Where we cannot speak, the music speaks for us.  Where we have adversity or sadness, music soothes.  When we have joy, it  is the music which celebrates!

“For The Children” is the name of our Winter 2016 concert, which will be held ~ once again ~ at Ballet Austin, the place we sang our first concerts in December of 2012!  It’s home.  We will celebrate the magic and whimsy of children!  We’re going to bang on things and sing about crickets!  We will invite your inner child to enter into a place of a child’s heart, innocence, purity and playfulness!

You’ll have one more chance to vote for your favorite songs over the past 4 seasons at the “For The Children” concert!  We’ll take the top 16-18 songs for our Spring 2017 concert ~ our birthday concert ~ “5”!  It will be a celebration to end all celebrations and I do hope you won’t miss it!

BIG LOVE! ~Janey

One Juicy Apple

Juicy red apple

I’ve been eating a Honeycrisp apple for the last 15 minutes.  If you’ve ever eaten one of those, you will know it is one of the juiciest, sweetest, crispest apples around.  It makes me giggle to bite down into it and have the juice of it run down my chin!  It is a decadent, self-indulgent pleasure!  I spent good money on those silly things and this is the last of the 3 I purchased.

Are you wondering if I’ve lost my whole mind?  Don’t I know this is a blog post about SoCo Women’s Chorus?  Yeah, yeah, yeah…..

But I have to admit, there is not much I can say or do that doesn’t bring me back to these amazing women of SoCo Women’s Chorus.

We’ve had 3 rehearsals now, as I write this.  We’ve also had 2 sectionals, separate and apart from regular rehearsals.  We have tackled French, Italian, Russian, Medieval English and Gaelic with a fervor I have not seen from any chorus I have ever conducted!  We are singing Rachmaninoff and Broadway, we are singing Italian Renaissance and Country & Western.  (Did that make you cringe just a little?)

And many choruses just cannot wrap their brains around such a diverse and eclectic repertoire.  But THIS chorus can.

Many choruses would not approach as many languages in a single concert.  But THIS chorus does.

There are choruses who would shy away (and possibly stomp their collective feet!) from singing anything out of their comfort zone.  Does this chorus?  Not on your life!

THEY are my juicy red apple.  Their sound is sweet, crisp and delicious!  When I hear them grasp a song, it’s like they have each taken their musical hands, scooped it up and tucked it away in their hearts.  And it is all I can do to not drool over their glorious sound!  They have given me chills & brought tears to my eyes on several occasions in the past three weeks! (Ok, ok….the apples don’t do that to me!)

Seasons Of Love ~ our spring concert theme ~ is off and running!  The songs are of glorious love and heartbreak, a mother’s love for her child, love gone wrong, flirtatious love and lust, narcissism and love of life…’s all there.  And, I dare say, when we master (MISTRESS!) the notes, the feelings of the words will become deep, meaningful and overwhelming.

That’s how love is.  You bite into it and sometimes, it’s messy…..but the taste is oh, so sweet!

2014 In Review

We are coming to the end of a beautiful year of firsts for SoCo Women’s Chorus!

We auditioned for an opportunity to sing the National Anthem for the Round Rock Express, the feeder baseball team for the Texas Rangers. We were selected and sang in June! It was great fun and not something we’ll forget any time soon!

The final decision was made to make our first tour happen! We’re going to IRELAND in July 2015! If you’d like to contribute to our trip funds, there is an opportunity here on our website to donate by clicking on our GoFundMe button!

We hosted our first chorus~wide Yard/Bake/Art Sale in September and did very well! The proceeds of the sale will go to our Ireland Fund! It was so successful, we’re having another one on March 7th, 2015!

On December 9th, Janey appeared on KUTX-FM’s Eklektikos, hosted by John Aielli, to promote our winter concert BELIEVE. It was our first radio promo spot!

We were honored by Mayor Lee Leffingwell with a Proclamation to make Saturday, December 13th, 2014 SoCo Women’s Chorus Day in Austin, Texas!

Additionally, we had our debut performance in the iconic & historic State Theatre in downtown Austin to standing ovations at the final notes of each performance! It was a delightful place in which to sing and we are hopeful to sing there again some day soon!

We say “So long, farewell!” to two retiring board members, Elaine Chaney, who has served on our board since the inception of the chorus, and Dede Deleon, who has served on our Board of Directors since January 2013. While Elaine is leaving the board ‘formally’, she will continue as chorus treasurer. Her dedication is tireless and she is a singing member of the chorus as well! We welcome 3 new board members in January: Amber Askey, Kate Peirce-Burleson and Ginny Stover. These three women bring a wealth of expertise to our chorus in the areas of marketing, public relations and fund raising. Look for wonderful and forward moving activity for SoCo Women’s Chorus in the near future!

BELIEVE is now a memory……but it’s a memory that was recorded live, because soon, you will be able to purchase our DEBUT CD from our brand new “SoCo Women’s Chorus STORE” here on our website! Stay tuned for “BELIEVE”, the CD! Available soon!

Auditions for our upcoming ‘semester’ will be held on Sunday, January 11th, 2015 from 4-6 PM.  Please write to to request a time!  We’d love to have you join us for Seasons Of Love, which will be yet another eclectic presentations of many aspects of love ~ from Patsy Cline to Rachmaninoff, from love gone bad to a mother’s love, we’ll be singing in English, Russian, French (but, of COURSE!) and Italian!  You need to be a part of this amazing group of women!  Come sing with us!

Speaking for the Board of Directors and all the singers of SoCo Women’s Chorus, I would like to wish you all a most merry holiday season and a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015! I hope to see you all next spring for Seasons Of Love!


Things Are Heatin’ Up Around Here!


They ARE!

We had our first Board Meeting to begin preparing for our 3rd season! THIRD SEASON! Hopefully, we are adding around a dozen new singers which will put us over 70 singers!

I admit I’m pretty giddy about this season in a different way than the first two….not sure why, but I just am.

Perhaps it’s because we’re going to Ireland next summer? Perhaps it’s because we’ll be singing in The State Theatre for our Winter Concert, “BELIEVE”. Maybe because this chorus of amazing and talented women seem to be coming into their own and OWNING their voices! It’s been a wonderful and rewarding journey so far and I get even MORE giddy when I think on just how far we’ve come!

Our BELIEVE concert this December is going to be filled with delicious music….from a madrigal to jazz, Gregorian chant to 21st century, English to German to Hebrew to Yoruban……….it’s ALL going to be there, delivered to any audience member who attends….we’re going to wrap it up and send it just for you!

And speaking of Ireland, pretty soon, we’ll be announcing a huge Fundraising Campaign to help with the expenses of this trip, so that as many of our members as possible can go to the Emerald Isle!!

In the meantime, visit our website at My next posting here will be more in depth about our Ireland tour, complete with our itenerary and travel dates!!