Ahhh to be 65!

As I approach my 65th birthday (in 10 days, but who’s counting?), I am finding myself thinking of my life and just how good it’s been! Sure, there have been some absolutely horrible events in my life, but the BIG PICTURE is pretty remarkable. I know I have been fortunate!

And of course, I’m making plans for the last chapters of my life (I realize how hilarious that is!) as I am a control freak who wants things “just so”. (I also realize how hilarious THAT is!)

This chorus has been the 3rd greatest gift of my life (the first 2 being my children…surprise!) and I make no secret of just how full of gratitude I am. My personal goal since the inception of SoCo Women’s Chorus has been to stay with this chorus for 10 years (with the kind permission of our wonderful Board Of Directors). We are now in the 2nd half of our 6th season and strangely, I feel the end of my tenure fast approaching! (Four years is not a long time when you’re almost 65, I’m discovering!) There are concerts to plan (I have planned the next two ~ our 7th season! ~ and have ideas for various concert themes through 2020. I love the planning aspect of this “job”. So that means I have 112 more songs (give or take a few) to select. That number seems so small. I want us to sing ALL the songs!

I guess I’m waxing nostalgic over the future, if that’s possible. And my plan is (there I go again, Controlly McControllerson!) to relish and be grateful for every minute, every rehearsal, every concert, every season with this amazing, talented, loving and lovely group of women which was born because I had this intense need to promote women’s choral singing. It has turned out to be even more fabulous than I ever dreamed!

As my Daddy would have said, “You done good, girl.”

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