It is difficult for me to wrap my brain around the fact that SoCo Women’s Chorus is about to enter her FIFTH SEASON!  It seems like only yesterday Karen James and I were meeting at The Woodland Restaurant ~ which is no more, by the way! ~ to discuss my ideas for this chorus!!  Our collective enthusiasm drove us……we met with others who’d done this, we made and posted flyers in coffee shops and anywhere else they’d let us, Craig & his list became our friend, I sang on the street corners, for Pete’s sake ~ just to get the word out!  

I would do it again in a heartbeat!

And so, as we enter this 5th season, a lot of water has passed under our musical bridge, singers and board members have come and gone, we’ve grown and we’ve shrunk, we’ve had great ideas and learned terrific lessons from the bad ones, we’ve had growth spurts and times of stagnation.  It’s been a wild ride!!!

The bottom line has always been consistent to me,  however:  SoCo Women’s Chorus has always been where music takes our hearts!  Where we cannot speak, the music speaks for us.  Where we have adversity or sadness, music soothes.  When we have joy, it  is the music which celebrates!

“For The Children” is the name of our Winter 2016 concert, which will be held ~ once again ~ at Ballet Austin, the place we sang our first concerts in December of 2012!  It’s home.  We will celebrate the magic and whimsy of children!  We’re going to bang on things and sing about crickets!  We will invite your inner child to enter into a place of a child’s heart, innocence, purity and playfulness!

You’ll have one more chance to vote for your favorite songs over the past 4 seasons at the “For The Children” concert!  We’ll take the top 16-18 songs for our Spring 2017 concert ~ our birthday concert ~ “5”!  It will be a celebration to end all celebrations and I do hope you won’t miss it!

BIG LOVE! ~Janey

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