Regal Women….Apply Within


We are drawing to the close of 2015 for SoCo Women’s Chorus!  This year saw us singing about love and showing it, too!  We traveled to Ireland with our Chamber Singers and had a life~changing experience!

St Patrick's Final 7.9.15

We came “home” again to Ballet Austin with WinterSong!  Ballet Austin was the venue for our very first concert, “Come To The Music”!  Whoever said you can’t go home again was wrong!  We could and we did!  And it felt as if we’d never been gone, so welcomed were we!

BA Austin

 And now, we’re preparing for “Regal Women”, our Spring 2016 concert which will be held in the historic and iconic Austin landmark, The State Theatre in downtown Austin!!  You may remember our “Believe!” concert there last winter.  We might have to make The State our second home!  It was so grand to sing there!  State Theater BELIEVE

There is so much about the theme of “Regal Women” which suits SoCo Women’s Chorus.  And I want to share how I came up with this theme….. obviously, the royal aspect ~ Queens.  Royalty.  Goddesses.  But then, the not-so-obvious…..those women who are behind the scenes.  Those women who work and sweat and do those thankless jobs we sometimes take for granted…..those women who struggle on a daily basis just to put food on the table for their children…..who walk miles and miles for a jug of water which they will carry on their backs or their heads so their family can have a sip….the women who fought for any freedoms we have today: the Sojourner Truths, the Susan B. Anthonys, the Malala Yousafzais, the Mother Teresas.  These are true “Regal Women”!  And our next concert is dedicated to them and to the regal women in all of us!  And, as always, “Regal Women” will be tempered with a little comedy and innovative singing!  Do you really want me to spoil the surprise?  Ok, ok…..two words……Nuns and Queen.  That’s IT!  You’ll just have to make plans to hear us, in all our regalia.  Feel free to don your own tiara! 

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