Fall, Females & Fortissimo!

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Fall, Females & Fortissimo!


There’s a crispness in the air here in Austin Towne!  And that can mean only one thing!  (Ok, it can mean several things, but this is a blog post about One Thing.  Work with me here! 😉 ) What it means is there are just 5 weeks until our WinterSong Concert (December 5th & 6th)!!!

We have had a wonderful beginning to this new season!  We have new voices, there seems to be a new enthusiasm with new leadership within the chorus!  Volunteerism is alive and well…’s CRISP!  Crisp like new sheets on the bed……crisp like a fresh bag of potato chips (the wavy original, no-added weird flavored kind!)….crisp like a freshly starched shirt!  I could go on…but I digress.

There are lots of songs in this next concert about “snow”.  Snow On A Moonlit Night…..Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!…..Snow (from “White Christmas”)….THE Snow……..No two snow songs alike!  And to top off this exquisite crispness, we will be back “home” in the place where we began our Musical Journey ~ Austin Ventures Theater of Ballet Austin!  We are so excited to be back!  It’s such a perfect place for us!


Tickets will be on sale SOON and can be purchased right here on this website! Not only are we coming home, we’re also going to have another lovely reception following each performance where you can mix and mingle with our singers and have a strawberry or six!  While mingling, you’ll be treated to view some wonderful Silent Auction items on display!  Bid often!  All proceeds will go to SoCo Women’s Chorus ~ a 501c3 organization.  (And if you have something extraordinary to donate, feel absolutely free to drop us a line: )

Let me introduce our new officers to you:

Co~Presidents – Wendy Mazzurana & Jennifer Tull

Vice President – Tess O’Neill

Co~Secretaries – Alexandra Bosier & Holly Salinas

We call them our “Dream Team” and “Slate Of 5” and they are a dynamite package, exploding with great ideas to promote, support and inspire this chorus! We look forward to your presence in December!  And next?  Stay tuned for another wonderful experience in The State Theatre when we present Regal Women, April 30th, May 1st, 2016!

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