Sheep, Slainte & Song – The Core Of My Joy!


Last night, the SoCo Women’s Chorus presented our Send~Off Concert in preparation for our Ireland tour!!  In less than a week, we’ll be flying across The Big Pond to have the musical experience of a lifetime!  Right now, it’s surreal.  Next week?  REAL!

So as I was posting on Facebook about the concert, I was so full of joy about the progress of this amazing group of women ~ not just the Chamber Singers, but the entire membership of SoCo Women’s Chorus.  A friend of mine wrote:

                        “I’m so excited and happy for you. I can feel the pure joy through your words.

                         The cliffs are the limit! Oh, wait…there is no limit!!! Love you!”

My response:

                        “I’m beside myself with joy over the trip, sure. But these women touch the core of my joy.                             I’ve never experienced anything quite like it!”

My friend:

                       “ I can tell. Each time you write it is evident. Whether its rehearsal or fund raising                          or performing, your joy shines through. I long to be a part of that and enjoy getting

                        to experience it from afar. Soon I hope to hear you all sing. Until then, I will peek

                        through your window and be thrilled for your joy and happiness.”

And one thing I said really stuck with me ~ “The core of my Joy”.  And I don’t believe I have felt as though I have ever truly reached down and scooped out from that core as much as I should!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very happy person, and music, singing specifically, has always been a key in my personal state of joy…..but saying that phrase out loud made me see that I don’t say it enough….and maybe don’t live it enough!

But what this chorus has given me ~ and it IS a gift ~ is to really identify, embrace & come to terms with “The Core Of My Joy”.  They have taken a big spoon and stirred it all up inside my soul.  They have helped me understand things that I don’t believe I thought could exist (yet they were there all the time!).  They have taught me so much about my own soul, my own joy, my own substance.  They move me with their passion and fire and even their stubbornness!  They make me laugh deeply and weep openly.  I have loved music all my life, but they have expanded upon that love and deep down inside me, I rediscover my own passion ~ a ferocious passion for this entity we have created together!

So off we go to share our music and the core of our joy!  What a wonderful adventure!

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