Sprinkles Are For Winners!

There’s a great commercial on concerning an insurance agent looses a deal.  It’s set in a locker room and made to look like a vintage TV ad, sagging music and all.  The guy is dejected.  So the woman agent comes in to give him a pep talk.  It’s ok.  You can’t win ’em all.  And then proceeds to tell him to go out and get himself an ice cream cone.  “With sprinkles?” he asks.  Without missing a beat, she replies, “Sprinkles are for winners.”

After last night’s rehearsal ~ which was grand in every way ~ I have decided that the singers of SoCo Women’s Chorus are MY sprinkles!  Ding! Ding! Ding!  I am the winner here!  These women are invested, for the most part, in the mission and vision of this organization.  And if that wasn’t enough, they sing with passion and dedication and musicality beyond my wildest dreams!  They are invested in the belief that creating a beautiful sound takes effort and they are willing to provide that effort.  Their work ethic is a devoted one and I am honored to be able to stand before them and give them the best part of my musicianship.  I covet the notion of being their Sprinkle!

In just a short period of time ~ we’ll be THREE next week! ~ we have gone from being a group of women who sing pretty to a family of singers who make music by pouring their hearts and souls into the printed page of notes.  They bring their songs up off of the page just as one might fluff a sheet or send a musical balloon into the sky.  They come to the music and make it live!

Sprinkle on, my Singers!  Sprinkle on!

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