One Juicy Apple

Juicy red apple

I’ve been eating a Honeycrisp apple for the last 15 minutes.  If you’ve ever eaten one of those, you will know it is one of the juiciest, sweetest, crispest apples around.  It makes me giggle to bite down into it and have the juice of it run down my chin!  It is a decadent, self-indulgent pleasure!  I spent good money on those silly things and this is the last of the 3 I purchased.

Are you wondering if I’ve lost my whole mind?  Don’t I know this is a blog post about SoCo Women’s Chorus?  Yeah, yeah, yeah…..

But I have to admit, there is not much I can say or do that doesn’t bring me back to these amazing women of SoCo Women’s Chorus.

We’ve had 3 rehearsals now, as I write this.  We’ve also had 2 sectionals, separate and apart from regular rehearsals.  We have tackled French, Italian, Russian, Medieval English and Gaelic with a fervor I have not seen from any chorus I have ever conducted!  We are singing Rachmaninoff and Broadway, we are singing Italian Renaissance and Country & Western.  (Did that make you cringe just a little?)

And many choruses just cannot wrap their brains around such a diverse and eclectic repertoire.  But THIS chorus can.

Many choruses would not approach as many languages in a single concert.  But THIS chorus does.

There are choruses who would shy away (and possibly stomp their collective feet!) from singing anything out of their comfort zone.  Does this chorus?  Not on your life!

THEY are my juicy red apple.  Their sound is sweet, crisp and delicious!  When I hear them grasp a song, it’s like they have each taken their musical hands, scooped it up and tucked it away in their hearts.  And it is all I can do to not drool over their glorious sound!  They have given me chills & brought tears to my eyes on several occasions in the past three weeks! (Ok, ok….the apples don’t do that to me!)

Seasons Of Love ~ our spring concert theme ~ is off and running!  The songs are of glorious love and heartbreak, a mother’s love for her child, love gone wrong, flirtatious love and lust, narcissism and love of life…’s all there.  And, I dare say, when we master (MISTRESS!) the notes, the feelings of the words will become deep, meaningful and overwhelming.

That’s how love is.  You bite into it and sometimes, it’s messy…..but the taste is oh, so sweet!


  1. Your chorus reminds me of my favorite word that describes me: Pixilated!
    Pixilated = capricious, whimsical, eclectic, peculiar, eccentric, weird, nutty & odd… all wrapped up in a ball!

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