What would we do without you!?



DEBUT CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12.1.12

We’ve been a busy buncha singers!

We have successfully launched our very first chorus~wide Yard/Bake/Art Sale (September 27th, 2014) and we’re going to do it again in early March! The money raised from this sale (over $1200!) will go toward helping our Ireland travelers next July as they cross the Big Pond to spread the SoCo sound throughout the Green Isle!  (HINT:  You CAN go with us, you know!)

Our next fundraiser ~ which will benefit the entire chorus ~ will be the Rocky Horror Picture Show (October 27th, 2014) at The Alamo Drafthouse on So. Lamar. We are SO excited for this event, as it not only will help the chorus, but it will just be so much FUN! Dress up! Bring your toast! Sing along! Laugh a LOT! Tickets are $15 and all ticket proceeds will go into the SoCo Women’s Chorus General Fund to help us out with things like music and scholarships! Come join us on Monday at 7 PM!

Your next opportunity to help us out will be our annual Sponsor~A~Song, where you are able to sponsor a song we’re singing for our BELIEVE concert in December at the historical State Theatre on Congress Avenue in downtown Austin! The cost of a song is $150; and remember….SoCo Women’s Chorus is now a 501c3 non-profit organization, so your donation is tax deductible!  You can find the link here on our website to sponsor a song. Below, you will find our program with a brief description of each song. Select a song for a special person in your life, whether it is “In Memory of…” or “In Honor of…” or to congratulate or convey some other thoughtful message. Sponsor~A Song is appropriate for all of these things and your dedication will be listed in our BELIEVE Playbill.

1. Alleluia ~ An upbeat, contemporary song of praise, gratitude and joy.
2. Breath of Winter ~ A lovely, romantic song of winter on the outside… felt on the inside.
3. Sleigh Ride ~ The traditional carol we all know & love, in a jazz setting.
4. Ani Ma-amin ~ Sung in Hebrew, the translation means “I believe”.
5. Ding~A Ding~A Ding ~ A silly, happy song about the ringing of the bells.
6. Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind ~ With a Shakesperean text, this song is hauntingly beautiful with a touch of sarcasm.
7. The Winter’s Night ~ A lovely,  musical description of a winter’s evening.
8. Monotone Angel ~ For a little schlocky humor, this song is perfect for the jokester in all of us.
9. Throw Open Your Shutters ~ This song is a carefree invitation to open up your windows and listen to all the sounds of winter.


10. Festival Gloria ~ An exiting song of joy and praise.
11. Betelehemu ~ A fabulous Nigerian carol in the Yoruban language, complete with an African drum line. Title translation: Bethlehem
12. The Seal Lullaby ~ A stunner of a lullaby by Eric Whitacre to soothe any baby’s tiny heart…..and yours. Lovely text by Rudyard Kipling.
13. Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town ~ This traditional carol is just plain fun sung with a touch of jazz.
14. Ave Maria ~ By contemporary composer Franz Biebl, this variation of the traditional Ave Maria is written with Gregorian Chant stylings of the late 6th Century.
15. Kling, Glockchen Kling ~ We have bells all over the place with this traditional German carol…..about bells!
16. Hot Chocolate ~ From the hit movie Polar Express, this jazz arrangement of our favorite fireside drink is brought to life!
17. Believe ~ Our concert title song, this is a touching song about believing in the impossible….and in yourself! Magical things can happen… if you just believe!
18. The First Noel ~ Our concert closer is the traditional carol you all know & love, in a fresh new arrangement.

So there you go! All of our songs in a sound capsule for your choosing! Thank you in advance for supporting SoCo Women’s Chorus! And as the blog title suggests ~ and as we BELIEVE ~ What WOULD we do without YOU?

I look forward to seeing you at The State Theatre in December!

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